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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Aquatech Commemorates 50th

Pool & Spa News | Industry News: Aquatech Commemorates 50th | January 2013

As a proud member of Aquatech, Pools by John Clarkson was represented at this years conference.  The article by Rebecca Robledo did a great job describing the event, and hit on some exciting outcomes in her article in Pool & Spa News.

The location was wonderful.  Being in Hawaii during January, the whales were out in full force.  It was truly amazing to see how many of them were jumping, and playing in the Pacific.

Beside the fun times at the location, the best part of these conferences is networking with other industry professionals.  The members of Aquatech strive to improve in all aspects of their businesses; and are remarkably willing to discuss the trials, tribulations and successes they have experienced over the past year.  We can learn from each other, and thus become better together.

One presentation was particularly noteworthy.  Aquatech arranged to have an expert on non-verbal communication speak to the group.  The president of the Body Language Institute, Janine Driver shared some fascinating information pertaining to the way we act and the signals these actions send to others.

All in all, a successful trip.  PBJC spent time with old friends and made some new.  We look forward to Phoenix in 2014!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Joshua Clarkson (UC Marketing Professor) is Highlighted in New Book

At Pools by John Clarkson, we are all proud of our son, brother, and friend Joshua Clarkson.  His research, now as a Professor at University of Cincinnati, has been featured in different journals and publications.  According to the News Article on University of Cincinnati's website by Judy Ashton (see link below to read in full,) Josh was interviewed and his research was highlighted in a new book.

The study and research examines the role expectations play in ones subjective beliefs.  For example, one may expect a more expensive bottle of wine to taste better than a less expensive bottle; so, one may truly believe the wine tastes better - even if it is the same wine packaged and priced 2 different way.

We look forward to reading more and wish Josh continued success.

Follow Link for article: Research of UC Marketing Professor Highlighted in New Book

Thursday, October 25, 2012

How To Vacuum A Swimming Pool

Provided by swim university, this short you tube video gives an overview on how to properly set up and vacuum your swimming pool. 

Pools by John Clarkson provides a personal instruction on pool care and maintenance after completion of a new swimming pool.  The topics will range from how to clean your new pool to proper chemical balance.  This can be a lot of information to a new pool owner, so over time we will post a few videos and articles explaining some of the basics of pool care.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Aquatech Institute Grand Opening

2012 has been a big year for the corporation of Aquatech.

The board of directors and the management team made the decision to move the corporate headquarters to Las Vegas.  With this move, and the purchase of a new building an opportunity arose to create a training room to hold seminars and educational symposiums.  As a major goal of the organization to provide educational opportunities to the members, this is a unique opportunity.  October 3 - 5, the new Aquatech Institute was opened with great success; and Pools by John Clarkson had a representative there to improve our company.

Along with ~30 other attendees, we had speakers and discussed topics ranging from social media to hiring practices to creating better displays.  For example, Brett Abbott with MYM Austin discussed website design, referral programs, incorporating social media and which types of media are right for each type of company.  This seminar was unique in that it combined companies from retail to construction, all desiring to improve their individual businesses.  The set up of the education facility allowed for easy viewing from all seats & tables; has wifi capabilities; and many conveniences, such as built in outlets for every work station.  This made for a relaxed environment, conducive for learning.

As a proud member of Aquatech, Pools by John Clarkson is excited about the facility and we applaud the designers for creating this excellent educational facility.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Pool TAC created by FBC

The Florida Building Commission (FBC,) which was established in 1998, has appointed a new Swimming Pool Technical Assistance Committee (TAC.)  Formally lumped in with the Plumbing TAC, the new Pool TAC will review all swimming pool code proposals, declaratory statements, etc.  This group will then make recommendations to the FBC, whose purpose is to develop and regulate the Florida Building Code.

The chairman of the committee, Richard Browdy of Browdy & Browdy in Jacksonville, made the appointments at the Daytona Meeting June 11-12.  The 11 person TAC is represented by 4 FSPA members; including Jordan Clarkson of Pools by John Clarkson.  This committee plays a vital role in developing, maintaining, and interpreting the Florida Building Code through a consensus-building process.

Pools by John Clarkson thanks all of the committee volunteers and is proud to send a representative.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

ART Education Seminar Spring 2012

Education is the lifeblood of any industry.

Education is also the classic example of something which is extremely important, but rarely urgent.  Without perceived urgency, education becomes something of a hindrance in a short term view - in that it takes one away from their business.  However, this is one reason all should seek out opportunities to learn and step away from the daily tasks within a corporate structure to expand one's capabilities and perspective.  Thus, when presented an opportunity to attend Artistic Resources & Training's (ART) inaugural class the weekend before one of the busiest weeks in any Pool Contractor's year - Pools by John Clarkson decided to send a representative.

After arriving on Friday, ART's instructors Mark Holden and David Tisherman organized a trip to tour Taliesin West - Frank Lloyd Wright's winter home.  He began building this home, studio and architectural campus in 1937; as a place to escape Wisconsin winters with his wife and apprentices.  He wintered here until his death in 1959 and some of his apprentices still live at on the campus.  Taliesin West is now the main campus of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

Saturday the 18th of May, the classes began at Pebble Technology's home office.  The first course was "ART: The Color of Water" taught by Shawn Still of Olympic Pool Plastering and Shawn Hays of Blue Concrete.  The class deconstructed swimming pool interior finishes and discussed the process of generating custom plaster formulations, including a conversation on pigments used to create different color blends.  During the class, the students participated in labs where experiments were performed on different plaster materials and students were able to create their own custom plaster sample.

On Sunday, the class was provided a site plan and pictures of an existing house, and instructed to create a detailed design.  From drainage to materials and placement of critical features with equipment specs - the entire project needed to be considered.  Using different mediums, such as hand drawings or CAD drawings; the students presented their concepts to a panel of instructors and in front of their peers to be evaluated.  The attendees came away with a better understanding of the importance of every little detail, which needs to be both considered and decided before they present to a prospective client.

Pools by John Clarkson views education and training as a critical focus in our business.  The more we can learn, the more we can provide for our customers.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Zodiac Pool Systems on Designing Spaces

Pools by John Clarkson is proud to have an innovative partner in Zodiac Pool Systems.  The company, which still sells some products under the Jandy Brand, has been a leader in both interface technology, with products such as the iAqualink and in Green technology, such as variable speed pumps.

Zodiac will be the lead feature on Designing Spaces airing on June 3, at 7:30 AM, on Lifetime Network. This is the programs annual "Think Green" episode, focused on creating Eco-friendly home environments. Scott Ferguson and Tessa McHenry of Zodiac Pool Systems will walk pool owners through helpful tips to create the most energy-efficient, Eco-friendly pool system.
Topics include:
  • Hydraulic efficiency, variable-speed pumps, and the Jandy® Pro Series Versa-Plumb®System
  • Automatic pool controllers and iAquaLink™
  • Robotic pool cleaners
  • Alternative sanitizers
  • Pool covers
You can watch the show now, just click on the link below.